March 2023 Updates (QSLs, Videos & More)


I’ve been quite inactive on here for a while haven’t I…
The good news is that I’ve been making a lot of YouTube videos & posts and I’ve been tweeting about things too!

I’ve been uploading YouTube videos all about short-wave radio which has been great fun, including my QSL cards I received in 2017-2022 (the ‘series’ is still not finished just yet).

I published a look at all the 2022 QSLs I received in this video here!

I’ve also been doing reviews and solar content on the channel too! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you to subscribe to the channel here:

I’ll upload the QSLs I’ve received so far in 2023 up until now (March the 8th) below:

For a live page of my 2023 QSLs please see here:

And here is a little look at some of the collections featured in the YouTube videos:

Hopefully you can continue to enjoy the content I make and get to enjoy QSL cards with me. I’ve been sending more reception reports already this year than I did in all of 2022 so I’m quite excited to see what comes!

I’ve also applied to be an NHK TV Monitor which sounds really fun and like something I will really enjoy so I have my fingers crossed I’m accepted.

I hope to write you all another update sometime in the near future, hopefully sharing more exciting adventures!

~Til vi møtes igjen, Ha det~