About Me


I’m a girl from Europe who is enthusiastic about radio, especially international radio. My favourite thing about radio is being able to listen foreign music I would never otherwise hear due to copyright rules etc… I also enjoy the side-hobby of receiving pretty QSL cards that I like to share here :3
My favourite shows to listen to are NHK’s Shinyabin, KBS’s weekend music shows and Radio Joystick.

I also really like video games (especially Nintendo games), music (pop, dance, K-pop, J-pop etc..), watching YouTube and Twitch (like RTGame, Ironmouse & Connor, Tom Scott, GMTK and more) and watching anime and K-dramas (e.g. Komi Can’t Communicate, The Sound of Magic, It’s Okay not to be Okay, I’m not a Robot, Ghibli films and more).

I am currently making content related to my adventures in the radio sphere (software and hardware), audio equipment, solar setups, repairing random things and other random one off videos.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel, which was rebranded from TGwtR to Roseannya in late 2022

Lastly, I have some shout-outs to give to some other amazing sites I routinely visit to get radio news:

I hope that you enjoy my content ^_^
Til vi møtes igjen, ha det~