My shortwave setup: Aerial, Receivers and Demodulation methods.

Hi all,

I felt like making this page to easily show people my setup for receiving and processing shortwave radio signals!

My Aerial (aka antenna)

My aerial is made of a single piece* of 1.5mm thick pure copper wire that is run out of my upstairs window to the bottom of my garden making it 18m long.

The aerial in the air 😀

It cost me less than £10 to buy 20 metres of 1.5mm copper wire on eBay to make this aerial. I then connected the wire to some RG6 shielded coax cable by hooking and twisting each end much like in this recreation image below. RG6 is cheap and easy to get hold of because it’s usually used for satellite television and it is easy to work with.

My “hook and twist” method for connecting the wire and the coax together.

After twisting the coax and copper wire together, I covered the join in duct tape to try and lessen the risk of any corrosion from water.
I then put the wire out of my window and use the window to trap the RG6 cable, keeping it from escaping.

The connection between the RG6 cable and the wire covered in duct tape with the RG6 cable held in place using the window.
The RG6 cable used to carry the signal indoors.

At the other end of the wire, I coiled up the spare wire and used zip ties to anchor it to a concrete fence post making sure it does not touch any of the metal fencing!

The remainder of the wire coiled up at the end of the garden zip-tied against a concrete post.

I lastly terminated the RG6 into a Belling-Lee connector, making sure to make the middle pin longer than it is supposed to be. Doing this means that you can use the connector in RCA sockets on portables as well as a Belling-Lee adapted SDR!

The Belling-Lee connector on the end of the RG6 cable next to a SMA to Belling-Lee adapter for an SDR.

Sadly, in 2018, the wire got cut doing gardening and has been “twist together” repaired ever since.

My “twist it back together” repair to the wire that has lasted for over 3 years now!

My Radios (To be written soon!)

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