Long time, No posts! & All Tribes Radio QSL


It’s sadly been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog.
I’ve had life event after life event happen and it’s kept me from having the time to photograph and post all the QSLs I’ve received. I’ve also not had the time to request as many as I used to over 2020.

I am aiming to try to send more Reception Reports and post more QSL cards here in 2021 starting with this QSL Card from All Tribes Radio:

My Reception Report was sent to alltribesradio [at] icloud [dot] com and I was sent an e-QSL card. I was also given a link to order a physical QSL card for $5 including a download of an episode of All Tribes Radio!
I’m very happy with this QSL and it’s design 😀

Until next time