QSL news for March 2020: Radio Taiwan International and Radio Slovakia International

  • Wednesday the 25th of March, 2020


I have some news, first from Radio Taiwan International:
Due to COVID-19, RTI has decided to suspend posting QSL cards to the countries listed in the image below:

If you live in any of these countries I would advise you to expect significant delays in receiving a physical QSL card from RTI.

Secondly, Radio Slovakia International have announced on their show that they currently don’t expect to be able to have QSL cards made and/or sent out in a timely manner for quite some time, again due to COVID-19.

I expect many more stations to stop sending out QSL cards as COVID-19 prevention measures increase globally.

Lastly I’ll leave you with a little reminder: as is good practice for all post currently, it’s a good idea to let your QSL letters sit for a good few hours before handling and opening them to minimise any risks as well as washing your hands after handling them!

Wishing you all the best health