Updates on the China Radio International QSL Card situation


You might not yet be aware that CRI Japan has had a major change to their QSL card policy.
CRI’s Japanese language department issue QSL cards for broadcasts in English.

The new policy now states that a postal reception report will be answered by a postal QSL card and an email reception report will be answered by an e-QSL.

I put their announcement through Google Translate, took what it gave me and made corrections using my small but existent Japanese knowledge. I am quite confident in its accuracy.

Dear listeners,

Thank you for always listening to CRI’s Japanese broadcasts.
Due to organizational reform in our department, the mailing of postal correspondence for listeners, including the QSL confirmation card, is delayed considerably compared with last year, and we have received many inquiries and concerns from listeners. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Currently, the changes have reached the final stage, and various reply and mail operations are being resumed. It will still take time to return to our normal pace, but we will strive to provide a good service to all of you.

In relation to this, is an update about the shipment of the reception confirmation card (QSL Verification Card). The policy is different from before meaning from this year there will be 12 different cards, 1 card per month. The design will not be a series throughout the year; we will create a different theme design each month based on the themes that attract attention in China and landscapes that symbolize the seasons.
After having your reception report verified, we hope that it these cards will be useful for enhancing your understanding of China.
Also, from this year on, we will only ship electronic receipt confirmation cards (eQSL) for e-mail reception reports, and paper receipt confirmation cards (QSL cards) for letter reception reports. We appreciate your understanding on this.

From now on, if you have any comments or comments about our programs, the website, letter responses etc., please feel free to tell us anytime.

Thank you,

The Chinese department of China Radio International