YouTube project updates

  • Saturday the 10th of September, 2022


Some of you might have noticed that my YouTube channel is currently inactive and that almost all of my videos have disappeared!
This is because I recently started thinking about what I really want to do with the YouTube channel going forward. I’ve decided to completely split up the channel into 3 separate channels:

  • The Girl with the Radio (to be renamed‽)
  • TGwtR Archive 1
  • TGwtR Archive 2

The main channel, ‘The Girl with the Radio’ will be transformed into review, news and opinion piece channel using a VTuber avatar to represent me. It’ll probably be renamed shortly along with this site.
Why a VTuber? I find presenting on the radio can be really stressful. I don’t want to further my stress levels by having to “perform” with my face as well as my voice. I would be worrying about mean and creepy comments about my looks on top of everything else. A VTuber allows me to present a video without any of those extra worries.

I am working with a wonderful artist to draw my OC character and, once the model is drawn, I will be rigging it myself in Live2D which will be a fun and challenging learning experience for me. Some of the skills are quite similar to video editing too!

With the VTuber avatar I plan to create videos of:

  • Shortwave news roundups
  • Reviews of (budget) radios
  • Shortwave Stories
  • Tutorials
  • Maybe even videos of me recording my RNEI lines!

Future broadcast archive videos will end up on one of the archive channels to separate them from the main channel projects! Archive 1 will be for NHK and Archive 2 for KBS / Joystick / Channel 292 etc..
I won’t be uploading every episode of broadcasts anymore, I’ll only be uploading broadcasts I genuinely want to share. This will make running all of the channels easier for me to manage and also, hopefully, more fun and less overwhelming for you to watch!

You can expect my avatar to be finished in December or January if all goes to plan. The shift to Archive 1 & 2 will be happening over the coming month or so.
There will be playlists linking to the Archive channel on the front page of the main channel too to ease the changes 🙂
Ps. might also “rebrand” this site too to make it all fit the theme more if it seems sensible!

Til vi møtes ignen, ha det :3