A review of the terrible Trebl Diamante earphones bought from OneBelow

Today I saw these for £1 in a discount store and it made me wonder … Just how bad are £1 earphones in 2022? …As you can see from the title, they are certainly not good!

Look and Feel (1/5):

The Trebl Diamante earphones look cheap and they feel even cheaper.
The moulding is so poor that each earphone has different cut-outs for the sound to go through which can be seen in the picture with the right earphone having a significantly smaller hole then the left one!
There are no alternative sizes for the ear tips so if they don’t fit, you’re out of luck.

The cable is the horrible “split it yourself” type that feel absolutely terrible like it is about to break any second. I can’t imagine this cable lasting for a long time at all.

The plastic gem is poorly hot glued and on one of my earphones you can see visible hot glue! This gem in general manages to enhance the cheap feel of the Diamantes. I also noticed that, while these are stereo earphones, neither of them has ‘L’ or ‘R’ or any other kind of indicative marking on them for the user to know know which one is left and which one is right!

Sound quality (1/5):

Song: Mangoo & bby ivy – Happier

Horrible. They’ve managed to make cheap headphones sound worse than they used to.
These headphones have no deep bass, but that is somewhat expected, but what I wasn’t expecting was an inability to produce any highs at the same time as mids. I was genuinely expecting these to be painfully tinny, especially after reading “Higher Sound” on the packet.
Playing sine waves, the Treble Diamantes can produce as low as about 70Hz and they go higher than I can hear but, when playing music with it’s wide range of sound, these sound like a telephone.
While I don’t have the equipment to properly record the output of these at all, I can give you some idea using my phone’s microphone with the clip above. It sounds pretty much as they sound.
To add to the awful sound quality, every time the chord is bumped it gets amplified in the headphones and is really distracting which, combined with the Trebl’s complete lack of isolation, make it even harder to listen to things using these earphones.
I am only giving the Treble Diamantes 1 star because it actually produces sound.

Final Thoughts:

Overall these Trebl Diamante headphones are terrible in every way and I couldn’t recommend them to anybody for any reason at all. They hurt to listen to and my ears felt fatigued after only 10 minutes of testing! If you are desperate for a pair of headphones, seriously look elsewhere. I’d highly recommend looking at AudioBudget and getting yourself something that is cheap and good.


  • Look and Feel (20% weight) 1/5 – Cheap and nasty feel, poor build quality and L/R isn’t indicated!
  • Sound (80% weight) 1/5 – It’s like a telephone!

Overall: 20% – Poor tacky build quality and terrible sound with no redeeming features.