The Issoudun Transmitters

Hei! This page is dedicated to listing all the transmitters and their issues at the Issoudun TX facility that air the NHK Sinyabin show.

The Haunted-TX

This TX is fine and the issue is minor / barely hearable. The sound quality is amazing on it too! This one is nearly always used for 15130kHz 19-21UTC & is brought in as a backup? for 6000/9780 rarely (as seen in picture).

The Distorted-Underprocessor

Commonly found airing 9780kHz / 6000kHz, this transmitter has a high level of THD and degrades music quality. The modulation level is also lower than most other transmitters, with high frequencies commonly at -40dB to carrier, which further hinders listening experience. This one also rumbles in quiet sections on a stronger signal!

Sample of The Distorted-Undermodulator with a very strong signal over 60dB SNR

The Swayer

This transmitter has pretty good audio quality but suffers from slow Carrier sway and is never on-frequency. Commonly found airing the 11945kHz 17-19UTC Broadcast.

The Popping-Swayer

It’s like The Swayer but it makes multiple repeated pops before continuing to sway. This is practically impossible to remove and does degrade listening experience. Only found on 11945kHz, 17-19UTC broadcasts.

Sample of The Popping-Swayer’s pops

The Overmodulator

Sound issues are just like The Distorted-Undermodulator but this one also overmodulates and has loads of rumble!

The Farter

Currently only observed airing the NHK Persian Service, this transmitter, like the haunted TX, is actually pretty good aside from making a funny farting and the “Haunted TX” sound when the audio is quieter!